(Also known as Full Set, Refill, Color Powder, Overlay)

Acrylic is powder. Applied with liquid monomer (the purple liquid) and a brush with a bead of powder at the tip. Cuticle trim + hand massage can be added for an additional charge.

  • For clients seeking to wear long nails or do a lot of designs
  • Acrylic powder is the most durable form of nail enhancement that we currently offer
  • Acrylic needs to be properly soaked off with acetone to maintain the integrity of natural nails
  • Removal time is longer because of the durability of acrylic powder. 
  • Acrylic nails can be refilled depending on the durability/integrity of the current set
Acrylic Overlay Regular Polish$55
Acrylic Overlay Gel Polish $70
Acrylic Full Set Regular Polish$65 & up
Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish$80 & up
Acrylic Fill Regular Polish$55 & up
Acrylic Fill Gel Polish $70 & up
Ombré Acrylic Full Set$95 & up