Pamper Your Toes and Feet by Indulging in A Pedicure

***We strive to accommodate our clients to the best of our ability. All of our appointment confirmations are sent via text. Please honor your appointment. If you must cancel or reschedule please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee. 

A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for an appointment that is canceled less than 24 business hours before the appointment time.

Express Pedicure ($45)

A quick soak with nail trim and shaping, cuticle grooming, and quick lotion massage. Does not include the callus removal, and sugar scrub. Regular polish of your choice is included.

Classic Pedicure ($50)

A basic pedicure includes with soaking your feet, trimming and filing your nails, pushing back and cleaning your cuticles, callus eliminating, then exfoliating scrub and hydrating your feet with massage lotion. A fresh coating of regular nail polish applies as a finishing touch.

Herbal Foot Soak (foot soak only no pedicure) ($50)

At the beginning of your soak, you will be taken back to our foot soak basin, Take a seat, lean back in the massage chair, enjoy the music and allow your mind to unwind as your soles slip into a warm basin of water infused with detoxifying salts, herbal foot soak bag and essential oils. The herbal foot soak is 100% organic ingredients for natural and safe use.

While soaking, enjoy a pair of warm collagen gloves will be put on your hands along with a cup of hot chocolate. The collagen gloves are the perfect remedy for skin dryness to help protect its natural oils and restore youthfulness.

A session lasts for 30 minutes, and this Herbal Foot Soak reduces anxiety for better sleeping, the swelling of veins, muscles, and body stress. Our foot soak experience is sure to leave you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and completely rejuvenated!

Sport Pedicure (Recommended For Men) ($60)

Let us pamper your feet in a warm lavender scented bath soak. We will trim/shape your nails and care for your cuticles. Replenish invigorating warm lavender scented scrub followed with a total relaxation lower leg and foot massage in lavender oil and hydrating lotion. Regular polish is entirely optional.

Deluxe Pedicure ($60)

Includes foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle work, callus removal, then applying warm exfoliating & detoxifying scrub, foot massage using essential oil and lotion, and your choice of regular polish! Choice of scents: Lavender, or Citrus

Gel Pedicure ($70)

Just like a classic pedicure includes with soaking your feet, trimming and filing your nails, pushing back and cleaning your cuticles, callus eliminating, then exfoliating scrub and hydrating your feet with massage lotion. A fresh coatings of gel/shellac polish applies as a finishing touch.

Athletic Rejuvenation Pedicure (Recommended For Men) (New) $75

Inspired by the Essence, this pedicure is designed to relieve and revive after taxing activities with the combo treatment of sport and essence. Our sport pedicure with a little extra horsepower is intended for those who are rough and tough on their feet with a few extra calluses. And the essence of soothing treatments with your Choice of scents: Pomegranate, Minty, Pumpkin Spice, Mango, Grapefruit, Cactus, and more…)

Essence Spa Pedicure (New) $75

While we pamper your feet in a warm scented bath soak of your choice, we clip/shape your nails, push/trim your cuticles. Once done with nail care, we gently rub/massage the sugar scrub on both of your legs and feet. This scrub is used to exfoliate and soften the skin, we then apply mask all over your legs and feet, and let it set while. After that, we wipe/rinse off and followed with a feet/legs massage for rejuvenation, brightening, and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft. Final finishing touch with a regular nail polish of your choice.
*** Choice of scents: Pomegranate, Minty, Pumpkin Spice, Mango, Grapefruit, Cactus, and more…) ***

Collagen Pedicure ($75)

Enjoy beautiful toe nails and silky smooth legs. The collagen pedicure begins with a soak to soften cuticles. We start by cutting, shaping and pushing your cuticles back, follow with callus care. Once you have received the proper pampering with sugar scrub will then applying the warm Collagen socks then we pull the tips off the socks. Followed the legs/feet are massaged with collagen serum. The warmth allows the collagen to absorb into the skin, making hands look smoother and feel softer. Then we apply your favorite regular polish.

Detox Tea Pedicure with Cup of Detox Tea ($85)

Start with Soaking your feet in a warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea, nail trimming, shaping, cuticle care, callus care, then a gentle massage using Enummi body Scrub to remove dead and dry winter skin. Continue the Detoxifying process with a mixture of herbal tea and mud mask containing kaolin ultra-fine natural mineral clay, while your legs are wrapped in hot towels leaving your skin conditioned and toned. 

Enjoy a nice legs massage with Essential oil that brings strong aromatic notes of eucalyptus and fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the body.  Finish with a smoothing Foot Treatment and regular polish of your choice. What a great a way to detox and elevate your sense and spirit getting you ready for spring and summer. 

Zen Bliss Pedicure (with Margaret ONLY) ($105)

You get to select ten essential oils (with names such as Refresh, Love, Joy, Relax, Sleep, Detox, Harmony, Energize, Hope or Destress) to add into a warm foot soak and a complimentary diffuser lava rock chakra bracelet absorb essential oil to keep you balance your energy and smelling fresh all day while wearing this bracelet.

Also, part of the treatment involves a sheet of “vanishing wish paper” on which you write down negative thoughts and feelings before it is tossed into the water of the foot bath, where it disappears upon contact. After the paper is in the water, the service continues with the typical steps of a general pedicure, including nail trimming, shaping, and addressing your cuticles, followed by a warm lavender exfoliating sugar scrub, and leg/foot massage with essential and warm hydrating lavender lotion then applying regular nail polish of your choice.

While your pedicure is drying, your Energy Healing Therapy session begins in a private room. Lay back, and relax to the meditation music, feel free to meditate, manifest or set intentions to get the most out of your Zen while Margaret performs a 15-minute Energy Healing by removing blockages and balance your chakras. It usually starts with the meditation and healing from crown and goes down to root chakra then to your feet, which is for grounding to better help heal the mind, body and spirit!

Epsom Salt Hot Stone Pedicure ($105). ****NEW****

This Epsom salt soak is a new innovative service is specially designed for the people who deal with arthritis, tight muscles, poor circulation, and inflammation. It’s a fantastic option for days when your feet are tender, uncomfortable, and asking for relief. Absorbed through the skin, the magnesium in Epsom salt promotes relaxation while relieving tension, pain, and inflammation.

Escape in a delight of an aromatherapy foot soak. Enjoy a warm neck wrap while you soak you stress away. 

Aromatherapy Ingredients:

•5–20 drops Gya Labs Muscle Relief Essential Oil Blend – Warm, Soothing Scent

•1/4 cup Chamomile Epsom salt,

•Pinch of chamomile dried flowers

•Cuticle/nail care

•Callus treatment

•Achy foot Epsom Salt Rub

•Hemp foot cream massage

•Hot stone massage

•Vitamin C foot cream with Shea Butter

•Finish with regular polish(s) of your choices. (Gel Polish is extra)

For exfoliation

Soften up dry, dead skin with this recipe. The Epsom salt acts as a gentle exfoliant, plus it can help to treat fungal infections and prevent foot odor.

For better circulation

Stimulate your blood circulation, relieve stagnation, and bring your body into balance with this invigorating foot soak.

According to research, essential oils can get your blood flowing, ease tension, and boost your mood, while the hot water helps to relieve inflammation.