Kid (7-11)Pricing
Kid Gel Manicure$35
Kid Gel Pedicure$55
Kid Gel Mani + Gel Pedi$90
Kid Classic Manicure$25
Kid Classic Pedicure$35
Kid Classic Mani + Pedi$60
Kid Nails Regular Polish Change$10
Kid Toes Regular Polish Change$20
Kid Nails + Toes Regular Polish Change $35
Kid Nails Gel Polish Change$20
Kid Toes Gel Polish Change$30
Kid Nails + Toes Gel Polish Change$50
Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure$75
Gel Manicure + Classic Pedicure$90
Dip Overlay + Classic Pedicure$105
Dip Full Set + Classic Pedicure $115+
Acrylic Full Set(Reg. Polish) + Classic Pedicure$115+
Acrylic Fill-in(Reg. Polish)+ Classic Pedicure$105+
Acrylic Full Set(Gel Polish) + Classic Pedicure$130+
Acrylic Fill-in(Gel Polish)+ Classic Pedicure$120+
Classic Manicure $30
Deluxe Manicure$40
Gel Manicure $45
Collagen Manicure$50
Zen Bliss Manicure with Margaret ONLY$85
Express Pedicure$45
Classic Pedicure$50
Deluxe Pedicure $60
Sport Pedicure(Recommended for Men)$60
Gel Pedicure$70
Athletic Rejuvenating Pedicure(Recommended for Men)$75
Essence Spa Pedicure$75
Collagen Pedicure$75
Detox Tea Pedicure$85
Zen Bliss Pedicure with Margaret ONLY$120
Epsom Salt Hot Stone Pedicure
***** NEW *****

Nail EnhancementsPricing
Acrylic Overlay Regular Polish$60
Acrylic Overlay Gel Polish $75
Acrylic Full Set Regular Polish$70 & up
Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish$85 & up
Acrylic Fill Regular Polish$60 & up
Acrylic Fill Gel Polish $75 & up
Pink/White Full Set$95 & up
Pink/White Fill$85 & up
Pink Fill$60 & up
Ombré Acrylic Full Set$100 & up
Ombré Dip Full Set$85 & up
Ombré Dip Overlay$75 & up
Powder Dip Full Set$70 & up
Powder Dip Overlay$60
Additional ServicesPricing
Add gel polish (hands)$15
Add gel polish (toes) $20
Gel polish change without service (hands)$30
Add on Collagen Gloves$20
Add on Collagen Socks$30
Add on Bathbomb $5
Add on Paraffin Wax (Hands)
*Paraffin wax is SINGLE USE only!
No communal double dipping!
Add on Paraffin Wax (Feet)
*Paraffin wax is SINGLE USE only!
No communal double dipping!
Gel polish change without service (toes) $40
Regular polish change (hands)$15
Regular polish change (toes) $25 & up
Nails cut only (hands)$15
Nails cut only (toes)$40
Soak off without service$25 & up
Soak off with service$15
Cut down$5 & up
Repair$5 & up
Designs$5 & up per fingernail/
$40 & up per 10 fingernails

$8 & up per big toe/
$50 & up per 10 toenails
Add On Ombré$15 & up
Add on Dip French$15
Add Chrome Nails$20 & up
Add on Regular/gel French Polish
$10 & up
15-Minute Energy Therapy Add-on
***with Margaret ONLY***

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At CK Nails, we customize treatment based on the client’s symptoms. 

Our services include:

Wax/Lift/Tint ServicesPricing
Lashes Lift & Tint$120
Lash Lift$95
Lash Tint$35
Eyebrow Tint (only)$40
Eyebrow Hannah (only)$60
Eyebrows Wax & Tint$55
Eyebrows Wax & Hannah$75
Eyebrows wax$20
Chin$15 & up
Sideburns$15 & up
Full Face$55 & up
Half Legs$50 & up
Full Legs$95 & up
Half Arms$30 & up
Full Arms$55 & up
Bikini$60 & up
Brazilian$75 & up
Chest$60 & up
Back$65 & up
Eyelash ExtensionsPricing
Quick Lashes$55
Full Set of Classic Lashes$150
Full Set of Volume Lashes$200
Volume Lashes 2 weeks refill $100 & up
Hybrid lashes full set$175
Classic Lashes 2 weeks refill $75
Hybrid Lashes 2 weeks refill$85 & up
Mega volume Lashes full set$250
Mega volume 2 weeks refill $125 & up