Energy Healing Sessions

If you want to push away physical or emotional pain, anxiety and stresses… so that you can enjoy the relief of feeling free and bring balance into your busy life, Creative Energy Healing may be able to make that dream a reality. 

Kid (7-11)Pricing
Kid Gel Manicure$35
Kid Gel Pedicure$45
Kid Gel Mani + Gel Pedi$80
Kid Classic Manicure$25
Kid Classic Pedicure$35
Kid Classic Mani + Pedi$60
Kid Nails Regular Polish Change$10
Kid Toes Regular Polish Change$20
Kid Nails + Toes Regular Polish Change $35
Kid Nails Gel Polish Change$20
Kid Toes Gel Polish Change$30
Kid Nails + Toes Gel Polish Change$50
Classic Manicure + Classic Pedicure$75
Gel Manicure + Classic Pedicure$90
Dip Overlay + Classic Pedicure$105
Dip Full Set + Classic Pedicure $115+
Acrylic Full Set(Reg. Polish) + Classic Pedicure$110+
Acrylic Fill-in(Reg. Polish)+ Classic Pedicure$100
Acrylic Full Set(Gel Polish) + Classic Pedicure$125+
Acrylic Fill-in(Gel Polish)+ Classic Pedicure$115
Classic Manicure $30
Deluxe Manicure$40
Gel Manicure $45
Collagen Manicure$50
Zen Bliss Manicure with Margaret ONLY$70
Express Pedicure$40
Classic Pedicure$45
Deluxe Pedicure $55
Sport Pedicure(Recommended for Men)$55
Gel Pedicure$65
Athletic Rejuvenating Pedicure(Recommended for Men)$75
Essence Spa Pedicure$75
Collagen Pedicure$75
Detox Tea Pedicure$85
Zen Bliss Pedicure with Margaret ONLY$105

Nail EnhancementsPricing
Acrylic Overlay Regular Polish$60
Acrylic Overlay Gel Polish $75
Acrylic Full Set Regular Polish$70 & up
Acrylic Full Set Gel Polish$85 & up
Acrylic Fill Regular Polish$60 & up
Acrylic Fill Gel Polish $75 & up
Pink/White Full Set$95 & up
Pink/White Fill$85 & up
Pink Fill$60 & up
Ombré Acrylic Full Set$100 & up
Ombré Dip Full Set$85 & up
Ombré Dip Overlay$75 & up
Powder Dip Full Set$70 & up
Powder Dip Overlay$60
Additional ServicesPricing
Add gel polish (hands)$15
Add gel polish (toes) $20
Gel polish change without service (hands)$30
Add on Collagen Gloves$20
Add on Collagen Socks$30
Gel polish change without service (toes) $40
Regular polish change (hands)$15
Regular polish change (toes) $25 & up
Nails cut only (hands)$10
Nails cut only (toes)$40
Soak off without service$25 & up
Soak off with service$15
Cut down$5 & up
Repair$5 & up
Designs$5 & up per fingernail/
$40 & up per 10 fingernails

8 & up per big toe/
$50 & up per 10 toenails
Add On Ombré$15 & up
Add on Dip French$15
Add Chrome Nails$10 & up
Add on Regular/gel French Polish
$10 & up
15-Minute Energy Therapy Add-on
***with Margaret ONLY***

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At CK Nails, we customize treatment based on the client’s symptoms. 

Our services include:

Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing ***with Margaret ONLY***

Wax/Lift/Tint ServicesPricing
Lashes Lift & Tint$120
Lash Lift$95
Lash Tint$35
Eyebrow Tint (only)$40
Eyebrow Hannah (only)$60
Eyebrows Wax & Tint$55
Eyebrows Wax & Hannah$75
Eyebrows wax$20
Chin$15 & up
Sideburns$15 & up
Full Face$55 & up
Half Legs$50 & up
Full Legs$95 & up
Half Arms$30 & up
Full Arms$55 & up
Bikini$60 & up
Brazilian$75 & up
Chest$60 & up
Back$65 & up
Eyelash ExtensionsPricing
Full Set of Volume Lashes$250 & up
Full Set of Classic Lashes$200
Volume Lashes 2 weeks refill $95 & up
Hybrid lashes full set$230
Classic Lashes 2 weeks refill $75
Hybrid Lashes 2 weeks refil$85 & up
Mega volume Lashes full set$280
Mega volume 2 weeks refill $100 & up
Energy Healing Service***with Margaret ONLY***Cost
15-Minute Energy Healing $45
30Minute Energy Healing$65
30-Minute Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing$95
45-Minute Energy Healing$80
45-Minute Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing$115
60-Minute Energy Healing $95
60-Minute Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing$135
75-Minute Energy Healing$115
75-Minute Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing$145
90-Minute Energy Healing $125
90-Minute Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing$165

Energy Healing Volume Discount***with Margaret ONLY***

3 One-Hour EnergyHealing Sessions $275.00
3 One-Hour EnergyHealing Sessions with Chakra Balancing$395.00
3 One-Hour EnergyHealing Sessions 
• 2 One-Hour EnergyHealing 
• 1 One-Hour EnergyHealing with Chakra Balancing
3-One Hour EnergyHealing Sessions 
• 1 One-Hour EnergyHealing
• 2 One-Hour EnergyHealing with Chakra Balancing

Healing Packages ***with Margaret ONLY***

  • Healing Maintenance Package 3 hours (1x/month for 3 months) 

1x/Month for 3 Months – $405 ($135 per hour/session)

1x/Month for 6 Months – $750 ($125 per hour/session)

1x/Month for 12 Months – $1,380 ($115 per hour/session)

We will meet and work together once a month on a journey of clearing out any old stress, grief, depression and work on whatever is holding you back, from self-limiting beliefs, peace, power and love that is yours to receive and feel empowered, focused, peaceful and ready to create your magic within life.

  • Balance Your Spirit Package 6 hours (2x/month for 3 months) 

2x/Month for 3 Months – $800 ($133 per hour/session)

2x/Month for 6 Months – $1,400 ($117 per hour/session)

2x/Month for 12 Months – $2,500 ($104 per hour/session)

Within this package, you will receive Energy Healing from me every other week and we will be able to balance you out much more strongly than with the Balance Your Spirit Package. We can even start to dig more deeply into the subconscious wounds and scars that are holding you back from achieving all that you were meant to this lifetime.

  • Root Cause Healing Package 12 hours (1x/month for 3 months) 

1x/Week for 3 Months – $1,600 ($133 per hour/session)

1x/Week for 6 Months – $2,800 ($117 per hour/session)

1x/Week for 12 Months – $5,000 ($104 per hour/Session)

Within this life changing package, we will meet weekly and really get to the root of what is ailing you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We will go together on a journey of clearing out any old self-limiting beliefs and thoughts of yourself, love, abundance and spirituality, and replace them with soul expanding wisdom of love, power and owning your magic within life.

People who were once contemplating Suicide are now thriving within life and most have even moved on to become healers themselves.

Add-on Options Include:

  • Meditation
  • Chakra Clearing, Cleansing, & Re-Activation
  • Life Coaching for personal transformation 

To make an energy healing appointment, please call us at (301) 418-6170

**Creative Energy Healing is not meant to be a substitute for medical treatment, especially for a serious condition, but it is worth exploring as a supplement to other treatments.**

***There are no refunds or guarantees for healing sessions. The best guarantee is showing up and being willing to do the work. I trust in the results that I have achieved with my clients, and in the results, we can achieve together. If you’re fully committed to healing then I can’t wait to help you to bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.***