Dipping Powder

(Also known as SNS, OPI, Gelish)

Dip powder granules are finer than acrylic powder. Dip powder is applied by a special resin. The client then dips their finger into the powder in order to coat the nail with the enhancement.

Dip powder nails do not contain liquid chemical MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). No harsh chemicals or harsh smell, so it doesn’t affect clients and technicians’s health.

Dip powder is a great alternative to gels and acrylics! Here are 5 of its multiple benefits:

  1. It is ODOR-FREE. Since dipping powders are organic, it has no strong or harsh liquid chemical smell.
  2. Nails get STRONG and HEALTHY. This system is highly recommended to those nail-biters or to those with paper-thin nails and want to grow out their nails while still having a protecting layer over it. With Dip Powder, your nails can’t be chipped easily.
  3. Nails have a GLOSSY FEEL. It is not only strong but it also is beautiful right after Dip Powder has been applied. It lasts up to 3 weeks.
  4. You can have dip powder on your natural nails or you can add length/extensions with a shape of your choice like: square, round, oval, squoval, coffin, almond or stiletto etc.
  5. Needs to be soaked off with acetone 
  6. Dip CANNOT be refilled. We have to completely remove the set and re-do it again
Powder Dip Full Set$70 & up
Powder Dip Overlay$60